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Can Cold Weather Damage My Roof?

As the nights start to draw in and autumn turns to winter, the cold weather starts to have an effect on all parts of our homes. The best time to fix a leaky or problematic roof is before the cold weather really sets in. However, many householders don’t realise that the cold weather itself can cause problems with many types of roofing system. Over the course of the winter it is worth checking your roof once in a while for signs of damage. Usually, a visual inspection from the ground is enough to spot potential problems.

Water ingress under well-fitted tiles of your roof is not a common problem. Leaky roofs are more often caused by cracked or missing tiles. However, in poor weather water can be blown up under a tile that is not sitting correctly, causing a leak. Snow itself is unlikely to cause an issue, however, when the snow begins to melt it can work its way into the gaps between loose fitting tiles. If the snow refreezes, possibly overnight, it can cause tiles to shift from their proper position even further, accentuating the issue when the next melt comes.

Snow will come off your roof eventually, once the temperature rises and a thaw ensues. However, snow that doesn’t see natural sunlight can hang around and cause ongoing problems. It is particularly worth checking from damage around dormer style windows. Seals around the frames of these windows can fail under very low temperatures. When snow melts it can also fall from your roof in heavy clumps, so it worth checking for damage that is caused by this process to your guttering and shingles.

Hail is much more problematic, especially the larger hailstones that can pelt against the slates and loosen them. Keep an eye out for developing problems before they get worse as the the sooner the damage is repaired, the easier and more cost effective the repair. 

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